1 Minute Wisdom Tips for Building Happiness and Beating Stress

Stress is healthy… It really is… We all need a certain amount of Ustress to function effectively. 
We all need a certain amount of stress to keep us healthy and proactive. But too much stress causes some serious consequences…!
Bruce Lipton of Biology of Belief claims Stress 99% of all stress accelerates or induces illness. Plus bad stress has chemicals so bad they can  destroy aspects of your brain.
The power and the process  is to develop the ability to let excess stress go to the same amount that you create it. Here are some  1 Minute Wisdom tips to transform your experience and stress levels.
1. Be present. NOW –  Take time constantly each day to become more aware of your prevailing stressors and levels of stress. Consciously   relax, become aware of wider positive surroundings.  Do this stress buster for about 5 to 10 minutes a few times per day.
2. Reframing your Space and Stress  – Become more aware of your stressors, impacts and antidotes.  Stress is a REACTION to a belief… Address the belief or resource to reduce your stress levels.
 3. Problem/Worry Pad   – Keep a small note pad close by or carry it with you. when you notice yourself stress or worrying, think about what you can do about the issues or challenge at that precise moment. Take control… If you can do something about it, then do it – right away. If you cannot then write it down.  Later on in the day check your list of challenges worries and just explore solutions in a focused manner for 10 minutes or so.
 4. Relaxat/Meditate  – Set aside  time each day to go to a quiet place to sit and relax , release and recover.  During this time away from the hyper-buzz, take this time to close your eyes, relax your shoulders, tummy and neck.  Do some deep rhymic breathing and dreaming…day dream favorite fantasies,  allowing your mind and body to completely relax. Imagine how you would feel if you know deeply you couldn’t fail. Make the visualisations vivid in all aspects of see, fee and hear.
5. Finish Things – Each end of day, night write down all the things you have to do the following day, before you leave. By Writing stuff  down in your diary you can not let go and put the todo’s down in the back of your mind.
6. Close the Loops =  At the end of each session, project or day – close of  by setting up a closing ritual that signals to your mind and body that it can let go – this is now completed. In your pad or diary, write a list of what you are to do the following day in what order, and note anything you have to finish the following day.
7. Change your Inner-Moments – Pictures – Pay attention to what mental pictures  you create and recall when you are stressed. Now shift the structure and aspects of the pictures to adjust  and reduce the stress and the intensity. Eg Make them smaller. Or move them further away. Or make them super fuzzy and washed out or dim the lights, colour or sounds. Replace the mental images with pictures of what you ARE looking to create in a POSITIVE framework –  Make the positive picture… big, bright, colourful and vivid and support with energizing sounds or comments. Picture create feelings, feelings create emotions and moods. Moods predispose you to certain behaviors.
8. Tame Your Inner Tiger Voice – By changing the tone  and of your inner voice you reduce the impact and influence it has on your feelings, thoughts and emotional states. By making it like mickey mouse… and making it “ridiculous” you reduce its impact and credibility. You can also make it a POSITIVE  and seductive voice if you want to improve your emotional state even more.
9. Science of happiness and Laugh-a-lot – Happier people are less stressed and recover faster from stress. Laughter and play also reduce the damaging levels of cortisol in your blood stream and body.  Find something to laugh about for each stressor or stressful event to enable to reduce your stress levels on a long term basis.  just by playing a quick 20 minute game of table soccer or soke light game you can reduce cortisol levels by around 15%.
10 – Mindfulness – BE mindful of where your attention goes and your energy flows. Focus on the stuff you can change and make the changes – get a sense of control. Do not pick up “Bags” that are not yours!!!
Tony Dovale
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