Leadership – or Greeder or bleeder?

Most leaders aren’t really LEADERS…

Many managers think and believe they are good leaders… reality reveals 50%-65% are dead wrong with their leadership skills assessment.  We live in a world filled with people in positions of leadership, who are really greeders, bleeders and pleaders… a far cry from real leaders trhat we so desperatly need intodays competitive and changing times..

Wanting to be a leader or being in a position of leadership…doesn’t mean a person has the character, skill, competence, attitude and courage necessary to be a true leader.

I’m regularly shocked to see how many leaders ar not really leaders at all. The biggest challenge is those in leadership positions don’t seem to care, or dont have the requisite  mindset to discover and learn what is required in their leadership position.

Here are some thoughts to ponder and assess yourself on leadership behaviors

Simple Leadership Assessment

You are definitly not a leader and are probably a greeder, bleeder or pleader if….

1. You don’t achieve reasonable results: Real leaders drive for performance and results– they get the job done in a sustainable manner. They deliver on and even surpass normal expectations. Leadership is about results… not reasons;  with a caveat…

2. You get results in a destructive or devious manner: If you solve the results performance gap from #1… via devious, damaging or illegal behaviors…you’re a greeder or bleeder.  The ends don’t justify the means. If you abuse your positional power/ influence, and don’t treat people well, or you confuse manipulation and egotism with leadership, you have a real problem…you may win some battles, but you’ll lose the leadership & sustainablity war.

3. You don’t care: Low Eq or Indifference or emotioal coldness is a characteristic well suited to greeders and bleeders.  If you don’t care about those you lead – you might hold the title or position, but not the character, role or reputation.. The core test of any real leader is this.. are your followers and stakeholders truly better off because of your leadership… in a sustainble and viable manner.

4. You’re chasing the title and leadership position and not a higher cause or purpose: If you focus on self-interest ahead of  being a leder-in-service or your actions have little real value beyond selfishness… then its clear you just don’t understand the concept and role of leadership.

Leadership is about caring about something bigger and beyond yourself. REAL Leadership is about shifting others to a better place. Real leaders do this even if it means they take a backseat, or end up with no seat… – because you have developed more leaders in your wake. Positional power does not equal leadership.  Real leaders are driven and fuelled by their Soul.. they haven’t sold their soul to get to the position. Blinded by greed, fear or self importance… which we see so often.

5. You make more promises but dont keep your WORD:  Leadership begin with a vision, then values and actions. Leaders create a culture and a climate that supports the achievement of the organisational vision/goals, and aligns the participants actions, hopes and dreams. Enabling, empowering aligning and ennergising  followers and stakeholders to deliver the vision is the measure to determine your leadership effectiveness. But ist needs to be withing a framework of ethical, honesty, transparency and integrity.

6. You abuse the human element: Leaders are builders. Leaders never break their people, their spirit, or their belief.   Leaders deal in hope, possibility and potential. They activate the challenge and interest in increasing perfomance.  They create engagement and energy.  True leadership is about activating and empowering people to reach places they didn’t believe they could – together.

7. You blindly follow Rules instead of Creating Rules: Comfort zone is the great enemy of leadership. Leadership is about future focus and understanding the need for change.  Then it is about aligning effort, focus and energy to achieve it. Leaders challenges rules and old ways of doling things. They create new possibilities by  challening the old rules and culture of this is how we have always done it.

8. You lose talent instead of retain talent: Real leadership creates a space and an organisational culture/ climate that serves as a powerful talent magnet and engagement platform. If you can’t create an organisation that attracts, acquires, develops and retains talent… you are not a true and effective leader.  Many peopole work for the money… they usually are working for greeders. Few work for the MEANING and the CAUSE.. they are lucky to work for true leaders.

9. You grab and covert credit instead of giving recognition: True leadership doesnt focus on the spotlight.  Big egos do… 🙂  REAL leadership shines the spotlight on others to build recognition, energy, achievement, leadership depth and organisational resileince.  If you always us I, I, I… peopple will tire quicky of your egotistical and childish mind. Leaders use “we”, “us” and “our” to create positive teamwork and alignment. OLeaders focus on other, seldom on themselves.

10. You care about Results more than People:  Greeders care more about the numbers that the people delivering the numbers.  They miss the fact that without the people you have nothing to deliver results or lead. When you place things, process and numbers above people… you have become a greeeder or bleeder. You have truly then failed as a leader. your departure will not be missed.

People join a company for it vision, values, brand and culture. They leave their immediate supervisor/manager or leader because of their ineptness and lack of positive relationship.

Effective leadership is vital if you are going to build a high performance, sustainable organisation. Make sure your belief is founded in reality.

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