Mindset vs skillset

Mindset Trumps Skillset in all areas of life

I have always said… hire for attitude and mindset, train for skillset.

Id rather have a handful of people with awesome attitudes and mindsets than a tribe of highly qualified bad attitude experts. This is a generalization not a foolproof secret.

When I Was at the ISPI, international society for Perfomance Improvement in the USA, I met Dr Paul Stoltz, who created the Adversity Intelligence (AQ) framework. Been the best tool to transform personal and team dynamics, mindfulness and resilience.

About the 3G or Winning Mindset

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz and his co-author James Reed, Chairman of REED Global, embarked on a multi-year research journey to answer these questions, and more. Their major findings are published in the new international bestselling book, Put Your Mindset to Work.

Mindset Matters Most

In a survey of thousands top employers worldwide, across all industries, Stoltz and Reed made key discoveries… If forced to choose between a person with the perfect skillset, but lacking the Mindset, or the person with a winning Mindset, but lacking the required skills…

Hiring the Best—98 percent would hire Mindset over Skillset

Growing into the Job—97 percent felt that a person with the right Mindset would develop the right skillset

Predicting the Future—96 percent could predict more confidently the desired Mindset over the required skillset of the people they would hire 5-10 years from today (Mindset is timeless, skills change – faster than ever)

Compensation—81 percent would grant a pay raise based on Mindset over skillset

Promotion—91 percent would promote based on Mindset over skillset

Retention—68 percent would retain a person based on Mindset more than skillset

Delivering Value—When asked how many “normal employees” they would trade for one person with a winning Mindset, employers average response was 7.2. A person with a winning or 3G Mindset delivers 7 times the value of a normal employee.

What factor has a bigger impact on your personal and collective capacity to deliver true value in all that you do?

The Research—The Winning, 3G Mindset™

Stoltz and Reed combined their data from top employers with the existing research from leading scholars to create the world’s first comprehensive model of a winning Mindset. This model, called the 3G Mindset, has been tested and vetted with top universities and employers worldwide, and has gone through several rounds of independent statistical analysis to arrive at the current valid and reliable measure and method comprising 72 independent Mindset qualities, grouped into three broad categories:

Global—Your openness and connectivity with the greater world around you

Good—The integrity and kindness with which you consider and treat others

Grit—The toughness, tenacity, resilience and intensity with which you pursue your goals