Mindfulness Team Building

Mindfulness Transforms Teamworking and Organizational dDnamics


Is Stress Management a waste of Energy!

Most stress and disease today is due to an untrained mind’s rambling and rampaging. This elevated stress levels creates havoc and floods the body with cortisol and other, not so healthy, chemicals as we struggle to maintain a balance and cope each day.

This stress response lowers immune system resilience, elevates blood pressure, reduces concentration and performance levels.  This stress also accelerates aging, increases illness and disharmony on multiple levels. In order to optimize our mental-emotional state we need to manage our minds’ behaviors, tantrums and fears and reactive programs.


There are 3 aspects to Mindfulness

 1. Active Learning: Know the mind – Understand how the mind operates, process, and defends itself from all manner of perceived or real danger, threats or harm.

2. Meditation : Shape your mind. Discover how to effectively direct, focus and relax  your physical body and keep your mind neutral, calm and present.

3. Mindful Living : Free your Mind through Mindfulness is a commitment to a higher quality of life. Its about becoming present with yourself, managing the momentum of mental chatter and creating an optimal state of mind to handle all manner of challenges that life may bring  or throw at us.


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