Customer Service Training Wasted?

Most Customer Service Training and Staff “Motivation”
is a Waste of Time and Money!


With extensive research revealing that less than 10-12% of workplace “training” being applied back in the workplace… That means you are wasting almost 90% of your customer service training investment!  Plus we all know motivation is like shaving.. you have to do it EVERY Day…

We believe we have a more intelligent and effective solution to the usual Customer Service & Motivation  Improvement process.


3 areas must be Shifted in the organisational CULTURE and a strong foundation laid for a sustainable and successful Shift to occur in any organisation.

  • Leadership must champion the Shift, drive and  enable ServiceShift/Inspiration and tribe level upliftment on all levels
  1. Begin to create a CUTOMER SERVICE CULTURE that transforms your clients’ experience. Team tribe leadership culture workshops by Tony Dovale
  2. Use Safe, Positive Framework: Appreciative Inquiry, ADKAR & Inspiration
  3. Leverage the power of Tribal Leadership Consciousness principless
  • Tribes’ and teams’ focus and ServiceShift adoption

    1. ADKAR change  process to create the Big “WHY”
    2. Energised,  Aligned and Amplified fir Inspiration
    3. The process must be adopted and embraced at all levels
    4. The Cultural “PH” must be right to accept and hold the desired MindShift actions
  • Individuals need multiple levels of support forMindShiftShift to occur successfully
    1. Meaning: Inclusion, Involvement, Contribution,
    2. Mastery: Knowledge, Attitudes, Mindset, Values, skills, Abilities
    3. Autonomy : Some  control and self-determination
    4. Energy: Happiness @Work and Resilience, Self-belief – Psychological Capital
    5. WHAT and HOW content training, coaching and Mastery support resources


Cultural PH

Your swimming pool water has an Acidity or Alkalinity level that needs to be balances to around 7. The human body also has a requisite PH level to remain healthy. Your organisation being a BIOLOGICAL unit, ALSO has a PH level…

Most companies have an ACIDIC orgnisational PH.  We know from our swimming pools… if the PH is way off, it almost doesn’t matter what you do.. nothing will work properly, until you balance the PH back to the normal range again… Most chemicals are be wasted if the PH is wrong. The same goes for your organisational culture and company PH, levels. So what is your Organisatioanl PH? How much of your training and change efforts are being wasted?

Old Habits Die Hard – Any company that just goes ahead with normal “service improvement /motivational training” is doomed to a limited result that is not sustainable, and will never become deeply embedded into the culture at a core level. New staff will quickly fall into the Low/NO service mindset and become demotivated by the others… -quickly  re creating the old  problems once again…

Extensive “Training only” experience reveals that service systems will revert back to their old habits within weeks. This is why a new more effective approach is required to create sustainable shift in THINKING, FEELING and ACTIONS.

Customer Service is a FEELING…

Psychological Capital – Low service starts with Individual Psychological Capital Levels…Perceptions, Resilience, Hopes, Possibilities, beliefs and FEELINGS which direct behaviors. People know what to do but they don’t FEEL LIKE DOING IT!  Then it goes to Tribal behaviors and attitudes –“ Well they aren’t doing it… so why should I/we?, ”Then it goes to company wide CULTURE…”OK so that’s the way things operate around here.. “  Feelings are fickle.. just like Motivation is manipulative and momentary.

Sustainable change’s spelt “CLAIM”: Culture…Leadership…Autonomy…Involvement… Meaning & Mastery


By using an inclusive, enabling, safe and positive process which includes the following approaches”

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • ADKAR for Positive Change
  • Science of Happiness at Work
  • Tribes & Leadership Principles
  • Blue Ocean Innovation Strategies
  • Personal Transformation & Mastery
  • Coach Approach
  • Customer-Critical Path Process
  • Service Value Re engineering

…and a few other change influencing technologies… strong foundation can be laid to begin the journey of transforming the existing mindsets, service culture and motivation/inspiration level into a strong SERVICE CENTRIC positive energized  CULTURE and environment that delivers as designed in a sustainable and valuable manner.

As Peter Drucker says… “Culture Eats Strategy every time”.

Areas included in CORE Customer Centric CultureShift Approach are:

  • Concept: External and internal customer
  • Concept: Personality Style Handling
  • Concept: Communications & communication
  • Concept: Service Touch Points
  • Strategic: Sustainable  Competitive Advantages
  • Strategic: Value  Delivery & Development
  • Strategic : Customer Expectations
  • Strategic :Customer Loyalty Chain & Engagement
  • Skills: Relationships, rapport & Listening Skills
  • Skills: Business Language & Etiquette
  • Skills: Thinking Skills
  • Skills: Feedback Resilience & Conflict Resolution
  • Skills: Cultural Awareness
  • Skills: Courage,  Self Confidence
  • Skills: Service and Retention
  • Skills: Stress Management & Adversity Intelligence
  • Behaviors: Everyone a Leader
  • Behaviors:, Everyone A Coach
  • Behaviors: Sustained implementation
  • Resources: Mindset, Meaning, Happiness, Engagement, Pride, Recognition
  • Resources: Psychological Capital & Attitude

You might be able to “steal” a competitors’ client for 1 transaction, But How do you “steal” them FOREVER?


Outputs: Stop Start Continues and agreed action plans and accountabilities with measurements and targets… plus a REAL shift in personal attitudes, relationships, energy and accountability.

Customer centricity/Advocacy goes beyond customer service… It’s about being willing to be measured on the basis of your customers’ successes and making that the basis of partnership, profitability and growth. You can achieve a more effective customer service culture improvement process with Appreciative Inquiry, Personal Mastery and Tribal Leadership Coaching that impacts your staff on every level, as well as impacting your organisation on every level.

Perceptions must be shifted… Values and behaviors must change through highly interactive action learnings and Identity Re-engineering. Delegates must be intimately involved through a combination of group Ai discussions, group research, videos, role-play exercises, Experiential engagement, case studies and breakout sessions based upon Blue Ocean Innovation, Appreciative Inquiry Customer service research and sufficiently developed psychological assets.


“You cannot “train or coach” a leopard to change their spots!  It takes a little more application to achieve.

Know Your present reality

 Story: One executive believed they were delivering around 85% level of service satisfaction based upon his “reckoning”.  Some smart aleck – decided to actually talk to the customers and discovered it was more like 25% satisfaction and 85% DIS SASTISFACTION!  Intentional or unintentional “perception deception” slips in very easily.


Use our 360 degree individual and Team Assessments and performance profiles for ongoing feedback and feed-forward.

Through the use of 360 Degrees assessments, and the Happiness at Work and Service and Work profiles and feedback assessments we are able to measure, monitor and manage your new Customer Centric Culture from multiple dimensions.

Get the ActionAdvantage today before your competitors do..

To TRANSFORM your WORKPLACE SERVICE LEVELS – TRANSFORM the foundations WHO, WHAT and WHY and then add the service Training skills of HOW. For more information contact Tony Dovale to create a SERVICE Centric CULTURE that eats your competitors’ breakfast EVERY DAY.  IF you don’t. Pray your competitors don’t either…  But that’s Unlikely.

PS – One of our clients used us for a 5 day Customer Service & Sales transformation process with their sales team. Within 30 days of the workshop and Coaching the Cape town branch manager had a call from a competitor asking “what on earth they had done?”

When the manager enquired… the competitor said ”overnight you have taken 80% of my business that I believed was unchallengeable!

And that scares the living heck out of me! My client never did tell them the mega advantage they had created with us… He just continued eating-the-competition’s breakfast, lunch and supper…. Knowing he had found THE secret to true sustainable competitive advantage.

1 Minute Wisdom for Your organisational Culture

If your tribes are at “war” (We Are Right), and their levels of consciousness are low..levels 1,2…  NOTHING you do will change or shift their attitudes… They may KNOW what and HOW to do… but they WILL NOT do it .. Because they don’t FEEL LIKE IT! – Plus your culture will influence even the best…

Are you ready to discover and leverage the SECRET?

Contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300