Change Management Resistance

Resistance is the no #1 Challenge when embarking on M&A’s or organizational Change Management.

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If you have started any type of organizational Change management, even with an y of the Change management frameworks like ADKAR… RESISTANCE is your no #1 issue that will slow you down or even prevent successful completion.

I read recently that 70% of change management projects fail to deliver fully on their promise! And its well known that M&A’s are murder and also have huge levels of failure to deliver the envisioned results.

Recently in Harvard Business Review, Walter McFarland shares new insights that promise to pave the way to more effectively engage the support and creativity of a company’s staff during an organisational change project. The insights come from the field of neuroscience…

You can read the article on NeuroCapability’s Brainwaves for Leaders Blog: Checklist for Brain-Friendly Change Management

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