HappyBliss the New Productivity

Happiness is the New Productivity for Smart Companies


The 5 top Threats to Managers and Leaders in Business Today.


Business today is a lot different from the past. No longer canyou use your old style behaviors, beliefs and values to drive and direct your team  and organisation.

Gone are the days of “business Slavery”  as a sustainable and humane solution.  The bean-counters /accountants won’t like this analogy. But if they were truly honest and had a deep look at the results of their Values Hierarchy and perceptions, they would possibly see the error of some of thier approaches. not all – some. The biggest challenge today is not resources, management


State of Mind

state 1: Negative Spiral – miserable – no vision = focussed on miserable = unhappy and blissless

State 2: Ideal Spiral  = Happy & Flow with positive vision of future – blissfull flow.


Currently – how many of your staff are in FLOW & Happiness?

How many are in state of stress and anxiety – have goals but challenges getting there?


State of mind is vital for performance and productivity as well as your vision going forward.

Thoughts +Emotions = Attraction/potential Magnifier.


Paradox of Intentions Approach

Must have goals – but happiness can’t be tied to the goals outcomes.

Happiness must come form the JOURNEY not the destination.


We need BLISS-a-pline

the consciousness and awareness of getting and keeping your team on hapopiness and flow.


Toxic Workplaces?

Many people are trapped in jobs they actually hate, in a workplace they also hate, with managers and leaders thay dont respect, value or appreciate!

So where is their passion?  Or don’t we really care about their passion, mental state, happiness, health or future?


Simple Steps to Transform Staff Performance 

1. Daliy Grattitude log. – What you appreciate – Appreciates.
Create a blog where staff can blog and write about their grattitute and appreciation.

By doing a grattitute blog for 30 Days – You could see overall happiness levels increase by 20%-25%

2. Awesomeness Report. (Formalising grattitude) – Ritual

Get awesomeness updates from the past week. Celbrate the past weekl successes.
Staff take the oath of awesomeness.

Company meetings – get staff to come and speak – celbrate

3. Employee profit-share in 10% of monthly profits

4. Praise – create a system for employees to praise and give little digital gifts

5. 40+ 5 % Work rule…. 40 hours normal biz and 5 hours Self dev – get paid for that self dev time.

6. positive Stamina – mental fortitute & Resilience with a really attractive future.