High Performance Organisations: Innovation

High Performance Organization (HPO) success factor: Continuous Improvement and Renewal

Aspects of continuous improvement and innovation (renewal) to ensure thriving organisations

Constant improvement and renewal or Innovation is fundamental to thriving as a High performance organization. It is a core factor that determines whether an organization is and will remain an HPO.

In an HPO all employees feel the moral obligation due to the HPO culture to constantly strive to obtain the optimal result and to get the best out of themselves, their colleagues and the organization. This HPO factor has eight characteristics.

An HPO has a strategy that clearly distinguishes the organization from the competition or from comparable organizations by

  • continually researching and testing many new options and alternatives.
  • Specifically exploring strategies with high risk and high yields,
  • abandoning outdated strategies on time
  • letting customers and employees clearly feel the difference.

By becoming very good in rapidly designing and implementing new work methods, a HPO continuously improves processes by eliminating unnecessary procedures and work and all forms of information excess. Plus building better teamwork and values alignment.

An HPO continuously simplifies processes by standardizing them, removing bottlenecks and making processes as simple as possible and continuously searching for opportunities for constructive re-engineering.

An HPO attunes processes to each other by having as few instances of transfer as possible between processes and striving for one-time input of information.

An HPO measures and reports on that which is important for the organization”:

  • based on a good and clear business model
  • scrupulously measuring the progress of the organization,
  • consistently translating the business model into objectives and goals at lower organizational levels,
  • consistently verifying that objectives are being met,
  • seeing the hard facts and creating a performance-oriented culture at all organizational levels that is focused on results (output) and not on effort (process) and resources (input).

An HPO reports to the members of the organization the financial and non-financial information they need in order to improve so that all employees

  • can come to logical conclusions and improvement measures and can implement these in a disciplined manner,
  • learn from direct and indirect results and side-effects of that which was done in the past,
  • learn from each other by everyone’s results being transparent,
  • continuously incorporate improvement in everything they do and allow facts to prevail over opinions and emotions.

An HPO excels in its core competencies and continuously renews these by

  • determining what the organization does best and concentrating on further developing its core competencies within the organization
  • outsourcing non-core competencies,
  • only starting up new activities that are complementary to the core activities and strengths of the organization,
  • creating a balanced portfolio
  • quickly disposing of loss-incurring organizational units or activities
  • training people in the core competencies.

An HPO continuously renews products, services and processes by

  • always discovering and quickly developing new sources of competitive advantage, through which the organization can not only comply with changing market requirements but can also anticipate them,
  • continuously seeking improvements in existing products (incremental improvement) as well as entirely new products, services and processes (abrupt improvement)
  • encouraging members of the organization to (further) develop, maintain and renew individual competencies in order to make innovation a core competency of the organization.

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