High Performance Organisations – Staff

High Performance Organization (HPO) success factor: Quality of Employees

Aspects of high-quality high performance employees

Linked to the first HPO factor – high management/Leadership quality – this HPO factor is the quality of employees. This HPO Success factor has 4 characteristics.

Members of an HPO always want to be held accountable for their results.

By regarding the responsibility to perform well as their own responsibility. They ensure that their responsibilities and the associated expected performance are clear. They accept that they are held responsible for their performance under all circumstances.

Members of an HPO want to be inspired to achieve exceptional results by managers inspiring, empowering and ennergising them to do their very best.

They want…

  • individual initiative being promoted,
  • to be allowed to be proud of their results and those of the organization
  • the organization stimulating self-confidence,
  • an entrepreneurial sprit,
  • a mutual mindset
  • resilience and determination in teams members and the organization.

An HPO has a diverse and complementary management team and group of employees.

They have creativity with which complex situations and bottlenecks in the operation can be resolved by ensuring that members of the organization differ in their talents, experiences, backgrounds, personalities and skills.

By stimulating and rewarding people’s creativity, using various hiring procedures and methods to reach a variety of people, ensuring that complementariness and diversity in experience, knowledge and attitude can be found across each team.

An HPO trains members of the organization in increasing their flexibility, psychological capital and resilience. They ensure that members of the organization can deal with uncertainties and changes in their surroundings and even welcome these changes

A smart and effective HPO’s

  • trains members of the organization to never give up in the event of setbacks but to always seek out new ways of achieving the set goals,
  • searches for new employees who previously appeared to be able to deal with uncertainty and see opportunities and possibilities in this uncertainty
  • learns from the past and applies lessons learned in order to change.

Source: hpocenter.com