Neuro Science Leadership

Leadership Development with Neuro Science.

The new science of Neuro-Leadership is an emergent, and fascinating science. It incorporates the latest social neuroscientific research and discoveries into the business landscape. This includes organizational leadership development, effective management training, diversity management, conflict management, change management, employee engagement, and results coaching or behavioral coaching.

The Inward Journey of discovery

Smart conscious leaders and managers are fast realizing that the old business-as-usual style management practices no longer work.

As we learn more about how the brain and mind works, we are able to incorporate the insights into the workplace. This enables more effective leadership, management and self management.

Neuro Science Leadership  Starting point

5 foundation principles of how your human brain works:

  1. The brain’s primary focus and functioning is to keep you alive.
  2. Your brain keeps you safe and alive by regulating physiological functions and scanning the environment for any possible threats and rewards.
  3. Your brain uses the same automated neural networks and reactive processes to deal with physical threats. Like (a predator) and rewards ( food);  as it does to handle social threats (e.g. humiliation) and rewards (e.g. praise).
  4. When a threat-response is activated it automatically impairs performance. While a reward-response improves possible performance.
  5. In your workplace, management and Leadership actions and behaviours directly impacts and plays a huge role in activating the threat or reward automated responses in the workplace… and this directly impact , performance, productivity and results.

The brutal reality is … the brains’ automated responses has a greater impact on our thinking, felling and behaviors than previously understood.

These automatic neuro reactions can cause chronic stress, lower job satisfaction, create unhappy and disengaged employees, low motivational drive and even a variety of bad health issues.

Knowing about Neuro science provides exciting science-based possibilities for us to discover, learn and adapt our leadership behavior.. New we can  use a more positive brain-aware approach to be REAL LEADERS.

Brain-Focused Leadership Outcomes

When people apply the principles of neuroleadership it empowers and enables leaders and managers to improve, and even transform, their capacity for more effective:

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Facilitating Change
  • Navigating with Diversity
  • Struggling with Stress
  • Adversity
  • Managing Conflict

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