Organisational HPO Culture and Health

Organisational Culture Counts and Organisational wellness wins

Its clear from all of the new research  and wisdom on Neuro Leadership, Leading Tribes, higher ground leadership, Happiness@work, Psychological Capital, Trust truths, Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology that most businesses are SICK!… VERY SICK!!!

The  real problem is that most of the leaders, sorry GREEDERS (only focused on the NUMBERS), don’t know it or don’t care… because they are MAXIMISING and not smart enough or caring enough to be OPTIMISING! Pure financial and power GREED and avarice prevails… even to the point of BLEEDERSHIP. (harming humans; extreme stress levels, unhealthy workplace – politics, culture and conditions, unreasonable demands and expectations.)

I’m hoping you are different to the greeders and bleeders out there… Greeders are like politicians – they polarize via BELIEFS and pit people against each other for their own greedy, small minded, benefit.

REAL leaders build and empower alignment, learning, united and a loving workspaces based upon high integrity VALUES and Timeless-PRINCIPLES that build a brighter future for all.

Our problem is we have let thugs, thieves, bandits and brainwashers into positions of power and influence, even though they are not true leaders – they are the GREEDERS – not by their position… but by their behavior.

The problem with greeders is once they are in power, they will do ANYTHING to keep that power and the opportunities for exploiting nepotism, corruption, deceit, hidden agendas, posturing and just plain ROBBERY… witness many of the politicians and so called “leaders” around today”.

Always look to see the deeper intention of the behaviors to establish the level of integrity, truth, transparency and trustworthiness.

Witness the local speed trap cops…. What’s their function and real intention really?  They might, or will, claim… to make our roads SAFER. HAH HA HA!!!  Do you think we are all Bafoons!

If that is so then why is it that they…

  • HIDE away behind cement pillars on the highways whilst trapping?
  • Why do they hide behind trees/bushes and walls.
  • Why do they build disguised hideouts with trees/ bush rubble to camouflage their presence.
  • Why do they always seem to trap on downhills?
  • Why do they trap you from behind?

They seem to masquerade as public service personnel, whose salaries we pay…but they behave like special agents determined to exploit and abuse every opportunity to extort and extract every possible cent from the “public” in  any manner fair or foul.

Take our local police…The people who are employed to protect and serve…are the ones we have to FEAR the most! Leadership or Greedership? No morals, no ethics, no integrity, no positive public intention…. – just pure greed and abuse of power… like a greedy baboon set free in a veggie shop.

You may not be aware.. but I can VOUCH for the FACT that traffic cops have MONTHLY TARGETS to be achieved… Yep 100% FACT. I have previously seen it with my own eyes on the back of the Chief traffic Officers’ office door when I was selling equipment to them.

Seems there is little leadership intention of IMPROVING or enhancing in the public interest.. seems to be solely driven by monkey-minded GREED and greedership.

It’s no wonder Africa is in the state it is… Where is the true leadership? Do you think we have great positive, honest, high integrity, transparent, servant leadership? Or is Africa manipulated, abused and marauded by greeders?

Only you can decide… if you are smart enough… become your own leader and decide…who is a real genuine leader and stays and who are the greeders who need to go.

The problem is few actually step up and truly LEAD… That why so many companies and countries are SICK!

Business Leadership Lessons

This same phenomenon exists in business leadership. Companies spend a lot of time and energy trying to acquire best talent from competing organizations, believing that by doing so, they’ll improve the performance  and success of their organization or team.

Often people thriving in HEALTHY organisations won’t MOVE at all. NOT evwen for the MONEY.. sorry greeders! 🙂   They often command higher salaries to move.. but this is where the problem begins…. Unfortunately,  when the acquiring company is sick, it negatively impact the new hires performance. The prevailing low PH – no performance culture is quickly impregnated deeply into the newbie’s psyche.

What’s the practical lesson for sick companies trying to improve?

They should start by spending more of their time, focus and efforts crafting a more effective leadership style and behaviors, so as to create a real positive shift in a culture of teamwork, trust, transparency, strengths and accountability.

The rewards are great. REAL leaders engender a culture of commitment, contribution, positive meaning, possibility, energy and engagement.

Great REAL Leaders get more, in every way, from the present team and employees.  They bring out talents, strengths and synergies.

Leaders and managers who create true team building environments turn their workplace into spaces where other team-oriented players thrive, deliver above average performance, collaborate, connect and contribute greatly.

To begin the shift from sick to healthy. leaders need to look inward first – become mindful, appreciative and shift their approach for ME TO WE.

We know effective smart teamwork based upon a high performance organisation framework in a positive culture is a huge strategic advantage

The challenge is we need to shift how we recruit, reward and remunerate leaders, managers and staff.

This is a new era of PEOPLE AND PROFITS… sick companies struggle to keep making profits for greedy, money-only driven, shareholders. Healthy companies make greater profits and add more value for all stakeholders in a more meaningful, viable, healty and sustainable manner.

Mirror mirror on the Wall – Who is the Greeder amongst us all?

So I DARE you now!!! Look in a mirror for a SOLID 10 minutes.. study that face looking back at you. Study the lines in the skin, the lips and the eyes. Finally …Look deeply into their eyes and into their SOUL. Honestly answer… What have they been up to now? Greeder, bleeder or LEADER? And what the best next steps?

You honest answer will guide your next choice and decision… if you have been brave enough to look deep inside.  Leaders do this regularly – Greeders avoid this at all costs.

READY  for the NEXT level of HPO

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