The Way of the Council

Business and leadership is BROKEN!!

We live in a business gangsters paradise – deception, corruption, subterfuge, theft, skullduggery, dishonesty, cheating, deceit,  exploitation, manipulation, underhanded, hidden agenda’s,  veiled activities, two-faced, deceptive… thieves, thugs and liars prevail

And all for what?  All just for the money and power!!!

How far we have fallen, and how shallow we have become!  We’ve sold our Soul to the devil for a pocket full of money! Shame on all of us!

Its about time we stood up against the darkness and evil that we have allowed to take hold and pervade our nations. Its about time we stopped listening to the politicians who have a vested interest in dividing and conquering…

Its about time we listened to our heart. Connected with our heart and spoke from our heart!

The problem is we have never been shown how to do such a courageous act. Listening and speaking from the heart in life and business is a real challenge?

But there may be a spark of light and a ray of real hope that will usher in a new dawn… from the ground up.

According to The Way of Council written by Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle, “The tradition of council is ancient.

It can be traced to the league of the Iroquois…and the native peoples of the Plains and Southwestern Pueblos. The traditional practice of council has also emerged in contemporary form in the Native American Church.

References to council can be found in ancient Greek literature…[and] the spirit of council is strongly present in the Islamic world as well.” (pg.4-5)

By following in this tradition and, enlisting the use of ‘a talking stick’, and preserving the integrity of the “safe container” for council we begin creating and maintaining the intentional space to practice heart speak.

In addition, by adhering to the 4 guiding tenets of COUNCUL and holding confidentiality with utmost sacredness and regard, we embed trust as the key element in building strong viable, valuable constructive relationships.

They four guiding tenets of council are:

1)  Speaking from the heart “When our words, or silence for that matter, come from the heart, there is usually a tangible feeling of expansion and a sense of greater connectedness to others in the circle.” (pg. 29)

2)  Listening from the heart “As rare as speaking from the heart may be in our ordinary lives, attentive listening is probably even rarer…The success of council is largely determined by the quality of listening in the circle.” (pg. 30)

3)  Being of ‘lean expression’ “Being lean is an art…the purpose of sharing stories in council is not to become professional storytellers or charismatic orators. Speaking from the heart creates its own eloquence…” (pg. 34)

4)  Spontaneity “Freed from the need to prepare, the ordinary mind is more likely to step out of the way and let the more intuitive voice speak…Perseverance with this practice leads to the realization that everything that feels important at the time doesn’t have to be spoken.” (pg. 35)

The topics introduced at Council will always speak to transformation in service to social justice, whether that be on a personal, interpersonal, local, national, international, global, or universal level. Often, the topics people wish to touch upon incorporate aspects of all of these.

Relationship is built over time begin to engage in the powerful practice of Council 0 If we are to thrive and leave a viable legacy – we must transform.. beginning with ourselves.

References The Way of Council by Jack Zimmerman & Virginia Coyle, 1996, Bramble Books