Keynote Speakers – Happiness at Work


Happiness at work pays… more


1 Minute Wisdom…Why Happiness at Work matters

This powerful research has found (when comparing the un-happiest and happiest people at work) if you are really happy you:

  • Are 180% more energised
  • Are 155% happier in your job
  • Are 108% more engaged at work
  • Love your job 79% more
  • Are 59% more motivated
  • Have 40% more confidence
  • Achieve your goals 30% more
  • Contribute 25% more

The structure of happiness at work

Achieving your potential lies at the heart of the model
The 5Cs surround it:

  • Contribution – is about the effort you make and your perception of it.
  • Conviction – is about the motivation you have whatever your circumstances.
  • Culture – is about how well you feel you fit at work.
  • Commitment – is about the extent to which you are engaged with your work.
  • Confidence – is about the sense of belief you have in yourself and your job.
  • Pride, Trust and Recognition embrace the 5Cs and are quick indicators of what’s going on.
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