Greater Happiness Habits

Free Tips to Transform your Happiness at Work and home

Happiness is elusive… So everyone at some time wants to be happier.  We know from extensive happiness at work research that happy people tend to do things differently. Happy people focus and pay attention to the things they DO control and lets the rest go. Happiness researcher…Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness, shares the following insights and tips about how you can choose to become happier at work and home.


 Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. ~ Albert Schweitzer


1. Grattitude  Count your blessings. Become more appreciative and aware  aware of the good things in your life and express regular gratitude for what you have. You probalby live in the top 10% of quality of life in thwe planet – but have an attituse as though yo lived i nthe bottom 60%!

2. STOP comparing or focussing on what you don’t have! Cutdown on how often you dwell on your “problems”. Focus on what you DO have and you CAN DO. The moment you compare .. there will ALWAYS be a fasters gun, better looking, wealthiers, luckier person around!

3.  Build Resilience & optimism. Focus on the upside more than the downside. Happiness  and positivity are contageus… so surround yourself with happy positive people.

4. Do more stuff that excites, inspires you and brings you more happiness. Stretch out of your comfort zone once in a while. Iincrease, what psychologists call, the “flow” mind state or experience where you’re totally absorbed in what you’re doing.

This is usually at the intersection of 3 circles –

  • a. What you love;
  • b. What you are good at;
  • c.What add meaning and value to the world and your life.

5. RAK – Random acts of KINDNESS – regularly engage in acts of kindness and appreciation toward friends as well as strangers.

6. Develop and Nurture your relationships. Stop the “Wallpaper effect from affecting your life.  STOP taking anything for granted.  Show and focus on your appreciation of, and grattitude for, the people in  your life. They’ll be happier and so will you be happier

7. Savor your life’s joys and highs. Regularly document your highs and joys in life. Go over them, write, or think and talk about them. Focus on happy times and energising your happiness moments.

8. Commit to a Destiny, cause and calling with specific clear goals that will make you happy.  Design at least one significant goal and focus time and effort to pursuing it.  Make sure you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.  BE happy along the way each day.

9. Develop your AQ/Resilience and smarter coping and stress management strategies. Regularly be more conscious and enhance your Resilience and positive mindsets. Practice ways to reduces stress (which doesnt really exist. It’s all in your mind :))  CHOOSE to be happy. Focus on Happiness, create a happy space. but do handle reality.

“He who won’t forgive, destroys the bridge over which he himslef must pass.”

10. Forgive. Lett go of  the past. Learn the wisdom for past encounters, stop the energy leaks. – Take back your power. Resentment destroys your own mind and heart. It’s like you taking poison – hoping the other fellow will feel it Silly! Get over it!!! NOW make the choice.

11.  Spiritual or religious – Extensive research shows people who are connected to a “higher positive source” – are happier at work and life.

12. Take BETTER Care: Look after your body and mind. Right and healthy foods, regular Exercise, some meditation and lots of laughter works wonders tobring more happiness .

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