Leadership Management Secrets

Consciously Constructive Culture Is The New SMART Strategy

SMART Behaviors for leadership & management to transform the organisational Culture into a High Performance workplace

The challenge in improving leadership and business performance is we have PEOPLE, who are not rational, predictable or logical either. Most are driven by their unconscious mind and mindset, which makes automatic decisions up to 7 seconds before they consciously know about the decision.

Here are 8 CORE behaviors- clarified by Google that actually help create a high performance organisations and teamworking.


1. Be a GREAT Coach/Mentor

  • As a great coach/Mentor you provide specific, constructive feedback, balancing the negative and the positive. Enhancing Psychological Capital and building confidence, connection, inspiration, meaning and self efficacy.
  • Ensure you gave regular one-on-ones, exploring positive solutions to problems tailored to your employees’ specific strengths.

2. Employ right so you can Empower your team and avoid micromanaging

  • By Building a balance between measure, manage and monitoring…Balance giving freedom to your employees, while still being available for advice and updates.
  • Design inspiring, exciting “stretch” assignments to help the team tackle big problems.

3. Be Genuinly interested in your team members’ success and personal well-being – Build them up.

  • Get to know your employees as people, with lives outside of work.
  • Make new members of your team feel welcome and help ease their transition

4. Be an action-focused leader that delivers results.
Be productive and results-oriented with clear consequences for non-performers

  • Focus on what employees want the team to achieve and how they can help achieve it.
  • Help the team prioritize work and use seniority leadership to remove roadblocks.

5. Be an EXCELLENT communicator. Listen more that you talk with your team

  • Communication is two-way: you both listen and share information.
  • Hold all-hands meetings and be straightforward about the messages and goals of the team. Help the team connect the dots.
  • Encourage open dialogue and listen to the issues and concerns of your employees.

6. Help your employees with career development

  • Make sure the psychological contract is clear, balanced, fair and in good shape
  • Fix any breaches in the contract, paper and psychological, that would effect commitment, fairness, trust and  growth

7. Have a clear vision and strategy for the team, linked to their own Destiny, Cause and Calling.

  • Even in the midst of turmoil, keep the team focused on positive meaning and contribution, goals and strategy.
  • Involve the team in setting and evolving the team’s vision and making progress toward it. Achievement and Progress are a vital components of hope and self -efficacy
  • Make sure you keep a positive balance – see the Losada Line positivity Ratio > 3 positives to any 1 negative.

8. At the manager / Leader you must also have key technical skills so you can help advise the team

  • Roll up your sleeves and conduct work side by side with the team, when needed.
  • Understand the specific challenges of the work.

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These are team performance damaging actions

1. Have trouble making a transition to the team

  • Sometimes, fantastic individual contributors are promoted to managers without the necessary skills to lead people.
  • People hired from outside the organization don’t always understand the unique aspects of managing at Google.

2. Leaders and Managers Lack a consistent  and fair approach to coaching, performance management and career development

  • Don’t help employees understand how these work at your company.  And they don’t coach them on their options to develop,  stretch and grow.
  • Not proactive, waits for the employee to come to them.

3. Spend too little time connecting, managing and communicating
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