Motivational Speakers Extinct?

BEyond Motivational Speakers…

4 Levels of Getting  Better Results… with M.I.T.E

Are you still trying to Manipulate and Motivate Your Staff or Teams?


I’m often invited to be a “Motivational Speaker and speak for companies or groups… because they want a good motivational speaker to “motivate” their staff to deliver more.

What I find fascinating with this process is that many people just don’t understand human psychology and limits of Motivational Speakers and motivation. Maybe they have some understanding, but don’t do much THINKING about it.

External Motivation is plain MANIPULATION… and IT IS WELL RECORDED that motivation DOESN’T LAST or deliver any real medium to longer-term value. The the real value of engaging a cheap motivational speaker or a great motivational speaker is quite restricted.

Question: What did the one motivational speaker say to the other as they went to pay for their lunch?


The process of shifting results requires an intelligent approach that realises that if you pay peanuts… you certainly get monkeys… and maybe even more demotivated staff! Have a look at the level of potential impact and results you can achieve with the different approaches and processes below…


Level #1: Motivational Speaker Talk Session… Getting REAL?

Motivation… to impel, induce, incite, move, provoke or an incentive.  Who wants to be impelled or provoked? Really? Manipulated for someone else’s reasons? Who wants to jump up and down like an uncontrolled boisterous child… exhorting Yes! Yes! Yes! When life sells them a “BIG NO!” the moment they get back to their real world environments! Effects of the carrot or stick wear off quickly when removed.

If you want some entertainment – go hire yourself a “good motivational speaker”.  Throw some money at them…They charge anything from R5000 to R 35,000+ for the hour or so. And when they leave… so will most of the impact of their motivating message. Not much real value for your money… Very short-lived, if any lasting impacts.

Tomorrow will be 95% just like yesterday was… in behaviors, thoughts, feelings, actions and results. It’s just like shaving… you have to keep doing it every day to maintain movement forward.  Motivation is highly dependent upon existing energy levels and prevailing mindsets, beliefs and organisational/ departmental/ Tribes’ CULTURE.  Very quickly destroyed by bad management, GreederShip and BleederShip.  Your Value: Hmmmm…The jury’s still out on that.  If you want to truly shift your results, then read on…


Level #2: Inspiring Speaker Session… Becoming Fearless!

Inspiration… From Old French enspirer, or from Latin īnspīrāreTo breathe into; to fill with the breath; to animate…to give life…  The breath of God or Life; by divine or supernatural influence.

If you really want to do better than very short-lived MOTIVATIONal style results, your next level of impact is INSPIRATION.  Inspiration lasts longer than motivation. Inspirational speakers tap into a different part of their listeners. They understand what drives people and how they can link their message and objectives to those drives and “hot buttons”.

If you can get a person to INSPIRE themselves from within… now you are starting to move forwards smartly. Now you have some potential to work with. Inspiration works when the boss is present or not…. It’s an internal “fire” that must be lit and stoked. Inspirational Speakers go beyond the Ra! Ra! Ra! They understand human psychology, persuasion and long-term influence.

After great Inspiring Speakers present…tomorrow is going to carry more potential for action and results. Something will have begun to shift inside that can unleash new possibilities.  People begin to see things a little differently and take more effective actions because they feel a little better for longer.

Effective INSPIRERS may charge anything from around R20,000 to R 50,000+ for the hour or more talk…or so. More than being just an entertaining and informing speaker, this can begin to create better energy and possibility in your workplace.  Longer lived results and impact…than “Motivation”, but still disrupted and destroyed by bad management, GreederShip, BleederShip and/or a destructive and negative workplace culture.  Your Value: typically 2x-20x the cost.


Level #3: Transformative Facilitators – Almost “Bullet Proof”

Transforming mindsets from Latin TRANS across + FORMA form.  Unless thinking patterns, perceptions and ability patterns are transformed, nothing will change sustainably!

Extensive research shows that even in LIFE THREATENING situations like heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, etc… a full 90%-95% of people are unable to be “Motivated” or “Inspired” enough to sustain the required life-extending changes… even with the clear evident related benefits or risks.

To begin to create an environment and a mindset for sustainable positive change and sustained BehavioralShift and AttitudeShift, we need to create and experience a clear MindShift; an understanding of WHY, WHAT and HOW… as well as have the energy, passion and belief in the possibility of achievement.

For people to be able to do something different from what they have always done, they NEED HELP with managing and transforming their consciousness, awareness, old-thinking styles, identity, mental programs and habits that drive their moment to moment thinking, feeling, actions and results.   This is still only a part of the way towards success.

The Transformational experience is a blend of insight, understanding, persuasion, and a SHIFT in how we see and approach the world and how we feel and act. Thinking impacts feelings, feelings impacts and create MOODS and moods predispose us to behaviors and action.  Transformation is far more sustainable than Motivation or Inspiration. It is its own energy generator.

People know what to do, but don’t do what they know… BECAUSE they DON’T FEEL LIKE IT!

True TRANSFORMERS can charge anything from R25,000 to R 85,000+ for presentations/ encounter and experiences…. They understand deep human psychology, Mind-Hacking and internal and emotional dynamics of sustained change on a head and heart level. They go beyond persuasion, manipulation and Ra! RA!… and offer longer-term impacts and results. Your real Value: 15x-50x the cost.


Level #4: Enlightening Catalyst – Fuelled by FLAP… FREEDOM, LOVE, ABUNDANCE and PEACE

Enlightenmentthe awakening to a greater truth by which we are freed from the endless cycle of limiting personal beliefs …18th-century philosophical movement stressing the importance of insight and reason and the critical reevaluation of existing ideas, traditions and established doctrines.

The ultimate long-term experience is to be “enlightened”. To achieve this we have to be able to be set free from our existing unconscious heavy, limited beliefs, energy draining thoughts, skewed perceptions, personal paradigms, values, judgments, past influences and future projection fears. We have to set our inner EAGLES inside free… to soar on much higher levels.

For people to be able to take the step from transformation to the next higher level, Enlightenment…they NEED guidance and assistance with experiential encounters that directly challenge, impact and shift… old-thinking styles, perceptions, Self-Identity and habits that have been driving them based upon the past predispositions and unconscious programmed REACTIONS.  We need to be able to create an inner environment and new “Warmware” (mental software) that facilitate greater AWARENESS, CONSCIOUS, MINDFULLNESS and higher level CHOICE; RESPONSE-ABILITY.

Enlightenment Catalysts go beyond just understanding deep human psychology, mind-hacking and behaviors. They are Soul Surgeons… and Energy Unleashers. The Consciousness shifts they facilitate on a physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual level, and the suppressed potential they unleash, are life-changing for individuals and life-giving for organizations, teams and TRIBES.

The consciousness level of “Enlightenment”, catapults a person beyond the day to day issues of SELF focus… to an attitude, approach and ability to handle LIFE so effectively, that completely shifts their focus, thinking, attitudes, actions and results. They become profoundly POWER-FILLED… Highly RESILIENT, HAPPIER and more CONSCIOUS, CONFIDENT, COURAGEOUS and EFFECTIVE in all aspects of their lives. They are fully response-able.

Enlightenment Architects and Consciousness Facilitators can charge anything from R50,000 to R 350,000+ for the process and experiential Action-Learning  journey. The Value – 50x/300x – Immeasurable!   See our Client REAL team Building / self mastery testimonials.

Amswer: The one motivational speaker said to the other motivational speaker…” I’m so confident in you… You are absolutely amazing! Yes! Yes! Yes! You can do it! Yes…You can!  Now Pay for my lunch!  Thank you!”  And then walked away…Never to be seen again.


Decision Point for your SPEND or INVESTMENT in your staff and results.


So you need to decide….

If you don’t care about sustainability, impact, results or value … go for “a Motivational” Speaker.    If you are looking for optimum results, value and impact… then…. You know what you need to choose!

See you are almost “enlightened” already…  Transformation and Enlightening encounters are your best bet for greatest INVESTMENT IN YOU AND YOUR STAFF”S FUTURE. To explore enlightening and transforming possibilities please call Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 to see how we might assist you with our M.I.T.E. Results transforming process. You might be quite surprised on the results you can achieve . One client increased results by 60% and another smart client quadrupled their turnover from R200 million to R800 Million! How about you?