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Organisational Culture Shift: Organisational Rejuvenation & Energisation

Today, most organizational cultures are being forced to make changes to address prevailing business challenges. Along with this focus on financial success, areas like a negative workplace culture, talent retention and employee engagement are also screaming for attention.

Ongoing life and workplace disruption and changes create anxiety, uncertainty, conflict, stress, dis-engagement, low morale, low trust and many other human element leadership challenges of  todays workplace. And most leaders and managers don’t know what to do resolve this ongoing challenge, says Tony Dovale of LifeMasters TeamBuilding1 South Africa.

Organisational Culture – Invisible Office Cancer Grows

Says Dovale, Unless you find ways to address these energetic leaks and issues effectively they will continue to eat into your culture, morale and workplace energy like an ever-growing cancer reducing your best intentions and efforts. Inspiring and motivating staff and real team building on a sustainable basis is even more difficult nowadays. Along with margin pressures, ever active competitors, and these staff challenges, it is a REAL challenge for any leader to keep the organisational culture positive and pro-active. And if not effectively addressed the negative, de motivated, low trust, back-biting and back stabbing culture embeds itself as … “the way we do things around here!”

Even new shiny positive talent is soon converted into a follower of the existing negative culture. Haphazard Cultures Too many leaders have just allowed their workplace culture to form haphazardly on its own… just as it happens. This is culture suicide! In order to have a positive, effective happier, engaging, supportive, workplace culture, you need to architect and nurture your workplace culture and team spirit… INTENTIONALLY.

Says Dovale, The REAL problem is that once the staff have become infused with the “unwritten rules” and the workplace “Vibe”, it’s almost impossible to shift mind-sets to a better level without massive intervention. If you have gone through a merger, right-sizing, down–sizing, retrenchments etc…your negative culture energy will have taken on a life of it’s own. And until you discover a way to COMPLETELY RESET and break away from the old negative culture and re-create an integrated, “all-involved-in-the-design” new inclusive positive culture and positive team working, you will be forever troubled by the ghosts and demons of the past culture.

Any disruptive change impacts people on many levels. Even regular change-management systems struggle to get around the resistance, negativity, fear, anxiety, trust issues that often prevail in times of uncertainty and change.

That’s why so many fail, so often! CultureShift with Appreciative Inquiry From Life Masters Teambuilding1’s extensive research, coaching, training and hands-on team building experience, we understand your challenges intimately. We have devised a powerful and provocative customized solution to your problem.

Our powerful and life-changing CULTURESHIFT Team Transformation process re-creates your CULTURE, TRUST, TEAMWORK, COMMITMENT, RELATIONSHIPS, COMMUNICATIONS, LEADERSHIP and ENERGY from the ground up, on an appreciative, proactive, positivly profound basis. Our CultureShift work is intended impact people on all personal and business levels, and designed to rebuild self-awareness, choice, attitudes, resilience/AQ, trust, teamwork, commitment, self-confidence, positivity, clarity of mission, focus, enhanced communications and smarter leadership for greater engagement and energy and a new organisational Culture that will accelerate your recover and rejuvenation process says Dovale.

If you truly care enough… If you are REALLY ready to transform and revitalize your workplace culture, to better than its earlier brilliance… To discover, dream and design a sharp, shiny and supremely positive new organisational culture and new destiny… you have just one call to make.


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