Science of Happiness at Work ™

Components of the Science of Happiness at WorkTM

Recent robust research into being happy at work by iOpener Institute UK has identified five important components that inform and build greater levels of Happiness at Work. They matter because they facilitate performance and a host of other personal and organizational benefits that go beyond imporoved engagement and satisfaction.. That’s why it’s so important that everyone take action to build them.

  • Contribution is the effort an individual or team makes.
  • Conviction is your short-term motivation in both good times and bad.
  • Culture is the extent to which you feel you fit at work.
  • Commitment is your long-term motivation.
  • Confidence is your belief in your own abilities at work.

These 5Cs act as an business styel ecosystem: when one starts to become affected, the others will become unstable in turn. And that means staff performance will quickly drop off. But when everyone has high levels of all the 5Cs, then they’ll perform at their best whatever happens.


Pride, Trust and Recognition

The 5 Cs are supported by Pride, Trust, and Recognition. They correlate with each driver of happiness, and are fundamental building blocks of any successful organization.

  • Pride in your organization comes from identifying with it, knowing who your work affects, and being aware  of its wider impact.
  • Trust in your organization flows from two sources; your colleagues and your senior leaders.
  • Recognition for your achievements comes fromwho you are, what you do, how you work, and how dedicated you are. It is about more than just money. It is about being recognized in the way you most prefer.

It has been found that Pride and Trust generally go together. If you’re proud of where you work, you’ll also trust your workplace and its leaders. Recognition works differently: This is about having personal effort noted and appreciated.

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