Stonger Success Mindsets

Resilient & Mentally Strong Mindset People Avoid these things.

Success depends upon your Mindset and resultant actions. Physical health and strength, whilst important, is not the secret of success. How you manage your mindset and yout thinking style is vital to ENSURE SUCCESS.

Entrepreneurs and professional people committed to ensuring their success  talk about critical Mindset characteristics  that ensure greater chance of Success.. like : Resilience, Psychological Capital, tenacity, grit, being at Cause, optimism, and “failing forward faster”.

Mindset is the foundation of a happy, healthy, successful and prosperous life. See the list on ISnot or DO NOT’s that resilient entrepreneurs never ever allow into their consciousness

1.    Spend Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves/Depressed. Mentally strong people feeling seldom dwell on the negative aspects of their experiences.  They avoid the debilitating” feeling sorry for themselves.  They take full response-ability for their thoughts, feelings, actions and results . Through their advanced development of their self-awareness, psychological Capital, gratitude an wisdom learned.

2. Give Away Their Energy or Power. Grit Mindset people are aware of where they invest their energy, time and attention. They know it’s only themselves that makes them feel bad or inadequate. They own the fact that, if conscious enough, they are in control of their focus, thoughts, emotions, moods, and actions. Their real power is in being RESPONSE-ABLE and not reactive.

3.    Avoid Change. Growth Mindset based people embrace an drive change. Their focus is on building a new and better present, rather than protecting the past.  They constantly ask what can I shift, change or improve to prevent becoming complacent, stuck or stagnant.  They see change as a challenge to use to sharpen their skills and efforts.

4. Waste Energy on stuff out of their Control. Growth Mindset based people  seldom use complaining as a strategy to create shift un the areas that are out of their control or influence . They recognize that the thing they control is their own attitude, mindset and response-ability. They protect their energy and focus on what they do want as opposed to what they don’t want/

5. The disease to Please. People pleasers have no power?  A positive mindset person focusses on being, conscious, caring, kind and fair.  They build win win relationships, and don’t try to PLEASE anyone.  Through their growth mindset, consciousness and great psychological capital they rise above  the possibility that someone will be upset, angry of disenchanted. They carry themselves consciously and assertively.

6. Avoid Risk. Growth Mindset based people  understand that risk is embedded in every aspect of our lives. They mitigate risk and are open to  engage in calculated risks.  Because of their Growth Mindset, thay are smart enough to assess and reduce risks and enhance possible benefits.  They ensure they can live with the downside/the worst-case, and that the upside is what they really want to achieve.

7. Living in the Past. Growth Mindset based people  use the past to build wisdom, experience and understanding. They drop the victimhood blame and negative energy. Growth Mindset entrpreneurs, learn from the past, plan for the future and act in the present. They guid focus and invest their energy in creating an optimal present.

8. Make the Same Mistakes Repeatedly; Growth Mindset based people learn faster,  they fail forward faster. Growth Mindsets takes full responsibility for their behavior and is open to evaluate mistakes and failures from a constructive point of view. The ability to be consciously self-reflective in an accurate and proactive manner is one of the greatest leaderships strengths of truly successful entrepreneurs.

9. Resent Others Success’s. Growth Mindset based people are seldom jealous or negative towards others success.  They feel genuine joy and excitement for other people’s happiness, success and achievements.  Growth Mindset people are prepared and active to work hard to ensure their own success.

10. NEVER…Give Up. Growth Mindset based people learn from every effort and “failure”… and use it as the opportunity to grow and improve.  Entrepreneurs all experience some form of failure. Mentally strong people are willing to fail over and over to learn and grow, as they  move towards their ultimate goals.

11. Fear being Alone. Growth Mindset based people  understand the power of mindfulness. meditation and thinking time alone.  They use this special time to reflect, review, redesign, re-plan, and to be more effective. Growth Mindset based people  know that happiness is an inside job. They are grateful for some downtime alone.

12. feel Entitled and that the World Owes Them. Growth Mindset based people understand the commercial system and playing field. They know the world does not owe them a anything, They play the game of life prepared to work smart and succeed on their own efforts .

 13. Expect Immediate Results. Whether it’s a workout plan, a nutritional regimen, or starting a business, mentally strong people are “in it for the long haul”. They know better than to expect immediate results. They apply their energy and time in measured doses and they celebrate each milestone and increment of success on the way. They have “staying power.” And they understand that genuine changes take time. Do you have mental strength? Are there elements on this list you need more of? With thanks to Amy Morin, I would like to reinforce my own abilities further in each of these areas today. How about you?

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