Tony Dovale Destiny, Cause & Calling

Tony’s Dovales Destiny Cause & Calling

Tony Dovale Professional Conference Guest Presenter, Keynote Speakers, Coach & Catalyst

Destiny – Why are you on this planet and what value do you bring?

…”I co-create a world of FREEDOM, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, PEACE & JOY

Cause – (How Will I Be & what will I stand for?)

What do you believe in? What are your values? How will you use these to change the world?

“…with Integrity, Passion, Love, Energy, Partnership…”

Calling (What will I Do)

(What will I do and how will I use my passion, talents and gifts to add value?) What are your greatest talents? What do you love to do so much that it fills your heart with joy? Where do your greatest talents and passion intersect?

“…By providing coaching, talks, workshops, facilitation, support & resources for those who are ready to move up to the next level of consciousness”

Higher Ground Life & New Leadership Choices

A New Story, A new way becoming a Higher Ground Leader may be the most life-changing choice you have ever made!

It’s about being a loving and courageous person & leader – not just doing leadership “stuff.”

From a business perspective, it’s about transforming organizations into sanctuaries that nourish the Soul.

To put it in classic coaching terms, it’s about WHO you are, not just WHAT you do. You will quickly see that Higher Ground behaviors can transform how you show up.

Destiny – What are the most serious physical, spiritual, or emotional threats to humanity and our planet? Have you ever thought about your Destiny here on this earth? For Higher Ground Leaders this means having a divinely fuelled purpose that is connected to a higher-power, and which gives us a deeper sense of who we are and why we are here. This is what allows us to be fully present… as awake, aware, conscious human beings, and therefore, able to truely inspire others.

Cause – Have you ever wondered how you will BE in your life, and what you stand for? If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything. People who inspire develop a vision so compelling that it becomes a magnet for passion – a Cause. They combine visceral energy with a clear and focused vision, founded on strong universal spiritual beliefs and values.

Calling – Our Calling sings to our heart throughout our lives, If we listen. Our Calling is the intersection of our passion, our talents and an awareness of their relevance and applicability to our purpose on this planet at this time.

Destiny Statement Samples…from others

My Destiny: To promote the development of human consciousness and spiritual community and connection.

My Causes:
Corporate: To fill the world with enlightened / higher ground leaders.
Personal: To inspire others to honor the sacred connection among all life.

My Calling: To coach, write and speak with effectiveness that inspires others to envision a better world and live with noble purposeand to take actions to achieve that vision.

What’s Your Destiny, Cause & Calling? What fuels and guides your daily actions?

A BIG thanks to Lance Secretan for developing this information, approach and value.

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

SA’s #1 Energy Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, Coach & Resilience & Results Mindset Expert

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