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“One of the most thought provoking professional business speakers I have encountered” – Clive Stacey – Business Strategist

– “After only 1 day of teambuilding, facilitated by Tony, I could see a marked improvement in the coherence of the 35 people in this TEAM. I’m writing this 3 months after the event, and still this continues – a real lasting impact.

I realize that real teambuilding means work, not merely group entertainment. The stop-start-continue list which we drafted in the session gave us concrete stuff to work on, and we keep reminding ourselves of this through regular stock-taking of where we are. I would recommend Tony with no hesitation, both for the content of his program and for his style.

Elizabeth van Renen, Director: International Trade, National Department of Agriculture

– “I am amazed at the positive attitudes from the team….they really doing well and slowly changing their own environment giving it some face lifts and being proactive. Thanks again!” – Geny Hospice Witwatersrand

– “Awesome!!… improved my self-confidence and my commitment to clear goals” – Helen

– “It was life changing. This really was mind and life changing”- Bosman

– “The presentation was a complete surprise form me and mind blowing.”

– “My expectations were totally surpassed” – Jenny

– “Blown away! Could not improve…Thank you!” – Carol

– “The last day of my Phoenix Adventure rates as one of the 10 most amazing things I have ever done” – Patrick

– “ABSOLUTELY AWESOME are the only 2 words I can use to describe the feelings, thoughts and energy experiences that I experienced today” – Darryl

– “WOW… That was undoubtedly the most powerful thing for me”…Renate

– “Helped me focus on today, not tomorrow, and Trust myself” – Rene

– “In every possible way it touched every point in my life. 10 out of 10. Workshop leader was awesome” – Zelda H.

– “The workshop helped me to find myself and to love myself. I know I can go higher” – Rita

– “I never expected to get out what I did. EVERYBODY in business should do this course. I call it Lifeline!!! Tony is amazing. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for what he taught me – Thuli

– “Helped me get rid of my boundaries. Ten out of ten!” – Naseem “Thank you for everything you taught me about myself on the Phoenix Adventure. It was already there, but now thanks to your guidance, I was able to find myself again. This course could have been two Million Rands… but it was worth every penny. Thanks so much! – Jenny

– “I walked out a completely changed person… I’m now happy Confident, and I’ve let go of all of my anger. I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!!. For the first time in ages”. – Christine

– “One of the best courses I have ever attended. I am glad to have attended and recommend it to all” – Ingrid

“After the Phoenix experience, I felt refreshed and overwhelmed with Happiness. I was free a last and I felt GREAT…I can’t believe that one week-end changed my life in such a big way and I’m really thankful for it”. – Lionli

– I have been to 90% of the 12 team buildings across the country, and I have seen miracles… Sello.

– WOW! WOW! WOW! I never believed we could achive this in sucha short space of time – Tshidi

– …(Before your Appreciative team building workshop ) I had never seen people treating each other worse than they treat animals; this was how bad people had been treating each other in our OPP office! Believe me if I tell you that there has been a remarkable change in the way we treat each other after your workshop…. The atmosphere is full of love, respect, tolerance, patience, understanding, peace and quietness. It is so heart warming seeing people taking their baby steps towards reconciliation & being so gentle to each other. You guys rock and you deserve a standing ovation, you have indeed changed our lives for the better. Now we appreciate and enjoy the importance of checking in & checking out. We are doing great so far. May the Lord Almighty shower you with blessings! – NM

– …”We are over the moon today. Since this morning we are on fire. Our cohesion has never been stronger, we are now more like siblings, we are working like its our first day at work! The level of consciousness has never been so high! We are on a natural spiritual high! Its true, we must be gentle on other people since we are now on another level. Thanks to you guys, I’m a new man at home. This team building has not only build confidence in my team but also to myself. It really has to be me! Cheers” – Sibusiso

-” Thanks for making a difference in my life!! Team-building is really “A MUST” 4 all SA employees – I’ll never depart from the pledge I made (at the team building) Keep up the good work guys & God Bless you – Aunty (Claudine) Kimberly”

-“Good morning Guys -MY LOVER SAYS I MISS YOU!!! I would like to thank you for the wonderful knowledge you have given to us about how to stay free in life. My life has changed forever, I am a totally new person now and I understand my team and my family better, I respect them, and even honest to them. When I arrived home on Wednesday I shared all the good things that we have done and the experience we gained from the Workshop with my husband and he was so excited to hear about the good news and wish to attend the workshop one day. I am happy today because of you and I will teach my kids to live their lives free. Memories will last forever. Thanks!!!” Bethusile Nyalunga…

– “The KZN office seems to have a renewed energy thanks to you” Varsha.

– “I came here heart-broken, discouraged & de-motivated, uncertain & Left motivated, more devoted, satisfied & filled with joy” – Nomthi

– “My expectations were met.. in fact they were exceeded. I applaud the team on a sincere presentation” – Varsha.

– “I have gained tremendously in terms of personal development & how I could contribute to making my team better. The content of the workshop was excellent. Would appreciate regular workshops of this nature”- Musa

– “I choose to be more interactive, having an open door; making the office a happier place. I can build with Love” – Ashika

– “The whole workshop, presenters, were excellent” – Adv MM Nkosi

– “It assisted me in arriving at solutions for problems I may have in my personal & business life. I wish this workshop had been offered EARLIER in my life… It should be given again next year & longer”- Tsholo

– “I’m going to change my life, listen to my kids and love them more” – Samuel

– “The workshop should be offered more often – it changes you from being negative to being really positive”.

– “Content REAL and Exciting; Workshop Excellent – workshop leader – beyond excellent!” – Tebogo

– “I wish it could happen annually – because it has united our province!” – Koketso

– “The presentation was an eye opener – It got people to speak their mind. The whole province got to know each other personally” – BJ

– “Thanks for teaching me so much in such a short space of time – 100% committed” – Sonya

– “3 days is too little ; it should be 5 days at least”

– “The workshop leader knows and understands his work excellently” – Sebabi

– “Everything about the workshop was perfect” – Sello

– “Changed my attitude towards other people ideas…” – Claudine (Aunty)

– “I’ve learnt to be myself. Learn how to rebuild my trust in my leader… Just need more days inthe workshop” – Dolly

– “The content of the workshop was VERY VERY VERY good” – Israel

– “It met all my expectations because I really did not want to go to the workshop…BUT now I’m VERY HAPPY that I came!” – Ephraim.

– “Taught me that we waste time doing things that dont build us! It taught me that I’m MUCH MORE than I Think I am. – Presenter Rating 40 out of 10!!! It made a huge impact on my life… 100 out of 10 !” Tebogo

– “Thanks for making a difference in my life!! Team-building is really “A MUST” 4 all SA employees – I’ll never depart from the pledge I made (at the team building) Keep up the good work guys & God Bless you” – Aunty (Claudine) Kimberly

– “This team building exceeded my expectations by far! All people bonded as one! Workshop leaders were awesome!” – Sune’ (Provincial Director Office of the Public Protector)

– “This was not only a workshop but a life changing experience for me personally. 100% impact on my life” – Keitumetsie

– “I could not have asked for anything better – It was Awesome. Thank you for making the difference in the OPP and a difference in my own life and Heart” – Elizabeth Taylor Senior Admin Officer OPP

– “It transformed my life – I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I’,m energized and ready to live my life with a positive attitude.”

– “Helped me in addressing some of my personal challenges which were hindering my work performance, I’m now able to enhance my performance whilst managing my personal life better.” Advocate Madiba Snr Investigtr OPP

– “It instilled in me a sense of belonging, The presenters were very excellent – the material used will be very useful, even outside the office in my personal private life” – RZ Molosi

– “I was expecting a change (Positive) in my team, this workshop exceeded my expectations!” – Nokubonga

– I am more optimistic than ever before – The (Team Building) workshop is unique and has added value to my life and work. – “Englishman”

– “The workshop was powerful, the team spirit was cool, Everything was perfect! I ejuoyed every moment” – Betty

– “I got to grow on a personal level, to know and understand my cellegues… staying at OPP” – Lungile

– “I came with preconceived ideas…- But so much came out of 3 days, I learnt to think better thoughts and that opening up can free you! Thank you for the amazing workshop – God Bless you!” – Nomvimbi

– “It has changed my life…in that I understand my celloegues, trust them, and commit myself what I do to work as a team.” – Fharelo

– “I was able to unlock long locked doors in my life. WAS BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS!” – Dumisani

– “The content was inspiring, the presenter were excellent… MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!” – Sibusiso

– “This wasn’t just team building – It was LIFE BUILDING!” Zane (Financial Director OPP)

Believe in the strength that is within each of us” – the strength to choose to become victors.” I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of the team, for an excellent motivational presentation. You truly touched our lives and changed it forever!

On a personal note I would like to thank you for accomplishing what SEVEN (7) years of psychological therapy could not do – Thank you! – Z

—- END —-

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

SA’s #1 Energy Coach, Professional Speaker, Coach & Resilience Expert