Tribal Leadership

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I learned about Tribal Leadership after researching real team building and higher ground leadership from Secretan. I also heard about it from reading Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh of and how their amazing customer service came into being.

Unless your supervisor, manager or leader is the type who really  has got  “IT”, this Tribal Leadership book will make you really laugh.

Dave Logan, John King, and

Halee Fischer-Wright examine the  levels of leadership and the impact it has on followership and levels of consciousness.

… The co-worker who hates their life and wants you too as well, the narcissistic  supervisor,

…a friend who never shares contacts or makes introductions in fear  you might gain from it,

…the dream boss who always gives his team the credit and  is never afraid to admit he was wrong, and even better, take all the blame  himself.

after reading Tribal Leadership  you will begin to see “tribal level numbers” alll over other people’s heads.

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