Morning… H.O.T SHOT! – Are you Kind or Not?

So Spring is almost here….
I recently spoke about maturity, consciousness and imact… to have a genuinly “good heart” and TRULY care, because I was recently saddened to discover how some people still behave.
Yesterday our houseman, Gift, got the news that his wife and 4 year old child died in a fire in Malawi! What do you say to someone when they have an experience like that? It got me REALLY thinking about how fragile and uncertain life is,and how fortunate I am and we all are.

I can across this article this morning that has some great wisdom…and may be of assistance in honest self reflection, if you ever go there.

I always remember the saying  “The fruit of your tree – reveals the true source of your energy…”

So before you slag someone off, or diss their beliefs, betray a confidence, belittlethem, backbite or undermine check yourself in the mirror. Think…Are you really any better?

so the question is…What hurts you so badly that you think you can heal by hurting them? If you get to the point of backbiting, betrayal, and being a “BREAKER”, as opposed to a positive Caring BUILDER…

The question is… are you unconscious, oblivious or devious? If you read any of people’s near-death-experiences, there a 3 simple truths to be aware of…that’s common in all their stories.
At the end of your journey that we call LIFE…you shall be asked…

1. How much LOVE did you bring…?

2. How much WISDOM did you gain?

3. Are you ready to experience everything you perpetrated upon others.

So one more thing is for sure in the world. What goes around certainly does come around back “reward” to us.

And so why is this important? …because…If it is to be.. it’s up to ME? Time for new choices to create new ACTIONS – positive – appreciative and caring.

It is the manipulative shallow baby who cares only for themselves, but a MASTER who can care for their opposition.

You still have a chance to be a builder, but it means growing up to become a genuine adult who is conscious, kind and caring.

Namaste’ (Regards)

Tony Dovale & Debbie Vernon
Life Masters REAL Results & Appreciative Coaches