News: The Science of Happiness by Dr. Stefan Klein.

The Science of Happiness is a valuable source of insights onhow we can oprimise our mind and moments for more happiness at work and in our lives.

Here are simple 1 Minute Wisdom HappinessShifts we can do each day and each moment to make the most of the moment…

Wisdom 1   BE conscious and Practice creating Positive emotional states

If left to their onw choices, our brains typically focus on danger, negativity and dark stuff.  Your brain need guidance, support and directed focus. It  require support and training to create more positive neural pathways, The more you practice something the easier it gets. This applies to almost all learning. Even with our mindsets and emotioal states…  the more you practice participate in thinking positively, the easier and more automatically the thoughts come through.

Wisdom 2- Avoid Reinforcing  unwanted and Negative Behavior

Based upon the knowledge of… neurons that fire together WIRE TOGETHER even more, beware… because the more you think negatively, the easier it becomes for that to be your automated program of REACTIONS.   We need 3-5 times more postive thoughts, focus and actions to neutralise and transform the impacts and effects of negativew stuff.

So start to practice positivity and happinessShift at any moment you become conscious of your state. Use the valaue of the losada Line research and transform any negative with at least 5 replacement positives.

Wisdom 3 – HOPE You Have Plastic Brains! 

The brain is an incredible organ that has a capability called plasticity. Millions of neurons develop and break links and connections between each other on an ongoing bases.  This depend uponhow you are USIUNG your brain, Rather than it using you. The Neurons that fire together wire together reveals that the more we enforce an action or thought, the stronger the connections become between linkd and associated  neurons.

Any unused or seldomly activated connections are like our muscles, IF you dont use it – you’ll lose it!

So back to happiness. All thing being equal we live in paradise.  Paradice is not a HAPPY placer – it just a place where we can BE happy.

How happy you BEcome depends upon how well you manage your RESOURCES, FOCUS, EXPECTATIONS, REACTIONS and  APPRECIATION.  Even in paradice some people will never be happy, and even in some hell hole there are people who are just so happy and grateful to be alive.

The difference is based upon how CONSCIOUS you have become.  We can all choose STATE happiness, even though its not easy to change our TRAIT happiness, which is based upon our past.

The challenge is MOST people’s mental state is based upon reaction and not response. They allow the AMYGDALA part of the brain, freedom to focus on C.R.A.P. (Constant  Rubbish And Pessimism)

BUT you can SHIFT your TRAIT happiness over time through using the LOSADA  line wisdom. Our EMOTIONETICS HappinessSHIFT process of RELEASING AND REBUILDING/REPLACING wil enable anyone to transform tears to happiness.

All it take is a little more consciousness, focus and action to start retraining of our fear-focussed brain to focus in a new and more positive and effective mannor. This will bring about a new state of mind. Its a simple process, but not necessarily EASY

So start slowly – Smile! Laugh more. Focus on whats RIGHT in a situation and what you want more of.. Like the Appreciative inquiry Process. Discover what bring life, happiness and positivity, DREAM what your space COULD be, DESIGN it and create a mental picure of being positive, happy, healthy and resilient. Then go out and CREATE IT!  CRETAE your DESTINY.

The bottom line – Happiness rests in your hands. Are you really ready for transformation to amore positive and happy state?


Tony Dovale is a modern Day ALCHEM IST – He is the Author of The Action Advantage System and Happiness SHift Process.

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