Brief overview of LEAN MANAGEMENT

What does “lean” mean?

It means maximising the value of a product or service provided by an organisation to a customer while simultaneously minimising any form of waste present in the process that produces such product or service.

Lean Management is a core philosophy and a powerful operational discipline aiming at structuring an organisation (public or private) in a “lean” fashion.
The main Lean Management targets?

1) Maximisation of value to the customer

2) Drastic elimination of waste in all processes (core and support) that generate value for customers

3) Elimination or drastic re-dimensioning of all those processes (and functions) that do not contribute to generate value to the customers

4) Minimisation of all times required to provide value to the customers

5) Zero defects, errors and non-conformities

What are the Lean Management benefits?

Many and all valuable:

* Max. Productivity. Zero defects, errors, non-conformities.

* Drastically reduced lead-times: ALL (throughput time – time-to-market – delivery time – etc.)

* Max. reactivity and flexibility. Max. responsiveness to customer’s needs/expectations.

* Highest Clients’ satisfaction.

* Enhanced Personnel morale and job satisfaction. *

Lean Organisational Structure: dynamic, simple, functional.

* Enhanced Competitiveness and higher guarantees for a prosperous future.

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When is the best time to embrace Lean practices? The time to go lean is NOW.