Change Management Barrier point at Reinforcement- Profile 5



Even though the change is demonstrated with the attainment of Ability, Reinforcement is the final essential element in the ADKAR Model for individual change. When employees lack recognition, reward and reinforcement for the change, you can expect a decline in their enthusiasm and energy level around the change, and in some cases employees will simply revert back to old ways of doing work. When a person feels unrecognized, he or she may believe that no one cares or is paying attention. They may feel uncompensated for all of the hard work they have done to achieve the change. Any employee who feels unappreciated is unlikely to perform at their best.

As change is a process that occurs over time, we may need to spend as much time reinforcing the change as we did building Awareness of the need for change. Tactics for reinforcing the change include engaging the primary sponsor and the employees’ direct supervisors in providing recognition and reinforcement to employees, and celebrating successes both publicly and privately. Compensation and performance measurement systems need to be aligned with the change.

While a barrier point at each ADKAR element can have negative consequences, the elements also relate to one another. The five building blocks are sequential such that a barrier point at Awareness can affect Desire, or a gaining of Knowledge is a key component in the attainment of Ability. A “sagging,” low level of any one particular element can pull down other elements, while an increase in any element through targeted change management efforts can positively contribute to helping individuals attain other elements of the ADKAR Model


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