Is Leadership as Effective as it Could be?


If not WHY NOT? Presently Leadership it is broken! Because its not leadership it  plain GREEDERSHIP!

Why does research indicate that 50%-65% of the people in positions of authority are perceived to be incompetent?

  • 70% of staff are disengaged or actively disengaged at work
  • Politicians & Political Leaders has a single digit approval rating
  • Trust in public and private sector leaders is at an all-time lowThere is overwhelming data to support the idea that most leadership development programs simply don’t work.


So what are you doing about it? Most people are trying the old style Lecture based leadership development workshops, The challenge wit this is you now have a person who KNOWS about LEADERSHIP, theories, principles and best practices.. BUT they are NOT behaving like A LEADER. Do want people who know about or people who LEAD better?