Mergers and Acquisitions are Murder unless…

Did you Know…


  • that 70%-80% of mergers never deliver the desired results?
  • Organisational Culture controls Strategy
  • Most execs and managers have NO IDEA on how to manage and develop a better culture
  • Team building is dead – Tribe building and tribal leadership prevails
  • Tribes control ; embrace or deny… leadership impact.


We offer talks, coaching, consulting & facilitation and support to ensure greater success


We help clients to …

  • Define and develop the new positive, effective conscious CULTURE
  • Build greater personal resilience and reduce effects of stress
  • Reduce conflict, uncertainty and mis understandings
  • Improve relationships, trust, communications with Appreciative Inquiry
  • Enhance Change-Management and Leadership effectiveness
  • Improve personal awareness, mind-sets, positivity with Science of Happiness@ work
  • We facilitate edu-taining sessions to fast track and up-skill staff about
    • Theory of Constraints – TOC
    • Positive Psychology
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • REAL Team dyanamics & Effectiveness
    • Resilience / AQ, EQ
    • The Science of Happiness at WorkTM
    • Stress management
    • Blue Ocean Strategy & Innovation
    • Neuro Leadership


If you’d like to ensure greatest success we’d love to be of service.